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Custom & Classics

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History of Custom & Classics By Clark
Phil Clark was born in Michigan, the heart beat of the Americans cars.  He was taught the auto body trade by his father DeLoy Clark who had a Body Shop for forty years, known as Clark Body Shop.  Phil was taught the old school way of how to build and rebuild cars from the frame up.  Sheet metal work, fabrication, engines and suspension.   After moving to Hawaii in 1982, Phil was hired by a Corvette shop that did custom work, with corvettes being the main focus of the business.  This is where Phil got his training in the medium of fiberglass.  Having worked for fifteen years at this shop, Phil moved on to another shop that did a mix of metal and fiberglass cars.  After working here for 10 years he moved on to the opening of his own shop, with the help of Daniel Ricciardelli, and Custom & Classics by Clark was born. 

The work from Custom & Classics by Clark has been recognized in several magazines, and Paint Company calendars.   It is our purpose to be a place where people can come and get what they are looking for. For there personal ride, wither it is a car, truck, or motorcycle.  Custom, stock, or a restoration on a classic or new car.Come and see what we can do for you.